Articles & Manuscripts


Breuning, Marijke, Benjamin Gross, Ayal Feinberg, Melissa Martinez, Ramesh Sharma, and John Ishiyama. Forthcoming. “Clearing the Pipeline? Gender and Publishing in the APSR” PS: Political Science & Politics

Feinberg, Ayal and Daphne Richemond-Barak. 2016. “The Irony of the Iron Dome: Intelligent Defense Systems, Law and Security.” Harvard National Security Journal 

Meernik, James, Nenad Golcevski, Ayal Feinberg, Kimi King, Roman Krastev, Melissa McKay. 2016. “Social Distance, Education and Reconciliation in the Formal Yugoslavia.” Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies


Under Review

“How International is Political Science? Patterns of Submission and Publication in the APSR” Revise and Resubmit at PS: Political Science & Politics (with Breuning, Marijke, Benjamin Gross, Melissa Martinez, Ramesh Sharma, and John Ishiyama)


Selected Works in Progress

“Does the Distribution of Ethnic Kin-Groups Explain Third-Party Mediation Initiation in Territorial Conflict?” Preparation for Submission (with J. Michael Greig)

“Anti-Semitism in the United States: When Hate Becomes Action” Preparation for Submission

“Violence Targeting the Diaspora: How Homeland Conflict Influences Host-State Insecurity” Preparation for Submission

“Far Right Parties and Anti-Semitic Social Conflict” Preparation for Submission (with Brandon Stewart)

“Friends with Benefits? Strategic Coalition Scapegoating” Preparation for Submission

“Emotion in Intractable Conflict: The Curiously Hopeful Relationship between Political Ideology and Despair in Israel” Preparation for Submission



Ayal Feinberg. December, 2016. “These four factors trigger anti-Semitism in the U.S.” The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post

Ayal Feinberg. December 2016. “Obama’s 2016 Hanukkah gift to Republicans in 2020.” The Hill

Ayal Feinberg. February, 2015. “A dangerous game of chicken” The Hill

Ayal Feinberg. January, 2015. “What Bibi’s ‘surprise’ visit really means” The American Thinker

Ayal Feinberg. July, 2014. “Israel and Gaza: a silver lining?” The American Thinker